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Health & Well Being Lighting Showcase

Lighting plays a key role in our mental well‐being not only by how well we sleep but also how productive and active we are at daytime. It is of no value to only pay attention in physical body exercises or strictly adhering to a certain diet yet you can hardly sleep due to poor or incorrect lighting in your homes. Poor sleeping pattern can be detrimental to our mental & physical well‐being. Poor lighting can have opposite effects including headaches, gloom, glare, distraction, and lower productivity. A good lighting design ensures correct light levels are achieved depending on each application and informs in the selection of luminaires. For instance, in an office environment lighting can make or break productivity or may give a wrong impression of your brand. Lighting influences the face of a company, and if you want people to see you as a modern, progressive business, you need a lighting design that reflects those values.

Health & Well Being Lighting Showcase

Health & Well Being: